About Us

Our Beginning

Cobra-Tek was founded in 2005 as a small U.S. based online eccomerce website selling automotive, home, and electronic goods. As Cobra-Tek grew we found our true passion was with the automotive industry and specifically the high-end aftermarket parts industry. Now we carry a long list of OEM grade carbon fiber parts for most brands including Tesla, Bmw, Ford, Honda, Chevy, and many more.


Our Mission

At Cobra-tek we strive for OEM Quality and fitment while maintaining competitive pricing. We’ve spent 20 years perfecting the process of research, development, and manufacturing of carbon fiber parts. We hope to continue innovating in this space as well as introduce our customers to our full range our automotive parts including polyurethane, abs plastic, chrome goods and lighting.


Cobra-tek is located in Chino, California. We provide worldwide distribution throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

We hope you enjoy our products and continue checking in as we debut our full range of automotive parts.

Please feel free to message us with any questions or requests you may have. We love customer input and would be thrilled to be able to work with you to find the exact part you need.